Accelerate Application migration onto Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Software Defined Networking helps today’s enterprises and communication service providers significantly accelerate the time taken to deliver new applications and services. Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is the solution that emerged from Cisco, following its acquisition of Insieme, is based on a comprehensive SDN architecture and seen by many as Cisco’s software-defined networking (SDN) offering for data center and cloud networks . Its policy-based automation solution supports a business-relevant application policy language, greater scalability through a distributed enforcement system, and greater network visibility.

As per the survey conducted by one of the leading technology market research firm in North America, it was found that 79 percent enterprises are planning to have software-defined networking (SDN) in their live production data centers by 2017. Cisco by far was named as preferred vendor (about 71 percent) by most of the enterprises when asked whom they consider to be the top three SDN hardware or software vendors, a measure that reflects a vendor’s overall brand strength.

Given the level of adoption forecasted, now is the time to start thinking about Management and Orchestration of SDN. The Orchestration Software in a SDN environment would require access to application delivery, performance, end-user experience and usage information at real-time so that they would be able to programme the network based on business relevant application statistics. To provide such additional level of intelligence to Orchestration Software the monitoring platform should have the capabilities to the provide the information regarding application delivery, Network performance and end-user experience at real-time and they would be able to  support opens APIs to enable Orchestration Software to dynamically retrieve and update the required information from these monitoring platforms.

APPanalyz is real-time application delivery centric analytics platform that helps to monitor and analyse application performance, delivery, end-user experience and usage. It is a unified platform that provides both application and network level visibility.  It fully supports Rest APIs, hence integration APPanalyz to any third party utilities or orchestration software is easy and seamless.

APPanalyz a Cisco partner and a member of Cisco’s Devnet program has launched Cisco ACI orchestration module which helps Cisco’s customers to easily migrate applications from traditional networks to Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and also help customers to manage and maintain the required contracts on Cisco ACI Fabric in-case of any new application getting provisioned or any existing application getting decommissioned.  APPanalyz Cisco ACI module drastically reduces the amount of time and effort required to migrate the applications and to manage the contracts on Cisco application centric infrastructure, it also helps to reduces errors associated with manual processes.

APPanalyz Cisco ACI Module Use Cases includes:

Brown Field Migration

During Application migration from traditional networks to Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), APPanalyz Cisco ACI module can be used along with its performance analytics platform to understand the Application dependencies between various application component like Front-end, Middleware and Database and to generate the required policies to build new Tenant, Application Profile, End point groups and contracts to accelerate application migration.

Contract enforcement on Cisco ACI Fabric

Cisco ACI fabric with the default contracts enforced between the end-point groups, APPanalyz Cisco ACI modules would be helpful to create the policies required to enforce the contracts between the end-point groups based on the application dependency information captured using APPanalyz performance analytics platform.

Updating the Contracts for New Application Provisioning 

APPanalyz Cisco ACI module along with its performance analytics platform can understand the various application dependencies for a new Application getting provisioned and builds the required configuration for the Cisco ACI fabric to enforce the contract required for the newly provisioned application.

Updating the Contracts for decommissioned Applications 

For an existing application getting decommissioned on a Cisco ACI Fabric. APPanalyz Cisco ACI module along with its performance analytics platform can understand the various application dependencies specific to that application and update the required policies on the Cisco ACI fabric to clean up the contact which are used specific by the decommissioned application.