Application Network Profile Discovery using APPanalyz Cisco ACI Module

Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) reduces total cost of ownership, reduces IT infrastructure operating cost by enabling automation and accelerates data center application deployment. Cisco ACI uses a business-relevant Software Defined Networking (SDN) policy model across network, server, storage, security, and services. As per the survey conducted by one of the leading technology market research firm in North America, it was found that 79 percent enterprises are planning to have software-defined networking (SDN) in their live production data centers by 2017. Cisco by far was the preferred vendor (about 71 percent) for most of the enterprises when asked whom they considered to be the top three SDN hardware or software vendors, a measure that reflects a vendor’s overall brand strength.

For Organizations planning to migrate applications onto Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), understanding the servers and services that are running on the network and identifying the various application dependencies becomes the key strategy for a successful application migration. For most of these organizations, years of growth and expansion has resulted in an unprecedented level of IT complexity and their IT environment has been changing so often that operation teams managing applications, servers and network do not have the complete track of the various services offered on their IT Infrastructure and also lack visibility on the dependencies that these services rely on.

 APPanalyz and Cisco ACI Module 

APPanalyz is an Application delivery centric analytics Platform that helps customers focus on application delivery and end-user experience. It enables automation by supporting REST APIs and facilitates retention of granular data pertaining to application delivery and end-user experience for a longer duration. APPanalyz works on Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, hence the cost of ownership is low. APPanalyz is easy to deploy, simple to use and it does not require any additional training, hence cost of operating APPanalyz is very low. 

APPanalyz a Cisco partner, has launched Cisco ACI module to help Cisco’s ACI customers accelerate application migration onto Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure by considerably reducing the amount of time and effort they spend on migrating applications from traditional networks to Cisco’s Application centric infrastructure.

APPanalyz Cisco ACI Module Use Cases includes

Brown Field Migration -In case of Applications getting migrated from traditional networks to Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, APPanalyz Cisco ACI module discovers the required application profiles and end point groups and it generates the required policies to build Application Network Profile, End point groups, Bridge Domain and contracts on Cisco ACI Fabric.

Contract enforcement on Cisco ACI Fabric - For a Cisco ACI fabric with permit any contract between the end-point groups, APPanalyz Cisco ACI modules can enforce the required contracts between the end-point groups based on the application traffic flow information captured.

Updating the Contracts for New Application Provisioning - When New Applications are getting provisioned onto existing Cisco ACI Fabric, APPanalyz understands various application dependencies and builds the required policies for Cisco’s ACI fabric to enforce the required contracts.

Updating the Contracts for decommissioned Applications - In case of applications getting decommissioned on a Cisco ACI Fabric, APPanalyz understands the application dependencies specific to those applications and generates the required policies to clean up the contracts which are used specifically by the applications that are getting decommissioned.  

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