Mitigate IT Security Risks with Micro-Segmentation and Software Defined Networking

Traditionally applications in Data Centers are grouped into various segments or zones based on their functionalities and are placed in different subnets and vlans. Each of these segments are protected by a firewall and the firewall controls the traffic flow between these segments. This approach would require grouping Virtual Machines or servers of similar functionalities from different departments and hosting them on a single segment. 

Application Network Profile Discovery using APPanalyz Cisco ACI Module

Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) reduces total cost of ownership, reduces IT infrastructure operating cost by enabling automation and accelerates data center application deployment. Cisco ACI uses a business-relevant Software Defined Networking (SDN) policy model across network, server, storage, security, and services. As per the survey conducted by one of the leading technology market research firm in North Amer

Accelerate Application migration onto Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Software Defined Networking helps today’s enterprises and communication service providers significantly accelerate the time taken to deliver new applications and services. Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is the solution that emerged from Cisco, following its acquisition of Insieme, is based on a comprehensive SDN architecture and seen by many as Cisco’s software-defined networking 

Quality of End-user experience, why it matters the most?

Let’s be serious. Nothing can be more frustrating than an unreliable and slow application when you are in desperate need of it. You’ve tried everything in order to improve the quality of experience of your application, but nothing seems to be working. Perhaps it would be different if you were just surfing the internet for your own personal pleasure, but when it comes to your business it is a very different story. Regardless of what co

Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AA-IPM) to help IT operations team effectively manage application delivery and end-user experience

Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AA-IPM) will go a long way in bringing positive impact in regards to how IT organizations relate to each other or their counterparts. One important feature that IT departments should consider when it comes to AA-IPM is that it can effectively transform their jobs from constant fire fighting to strategic execution. Poor application response time is experienced by end users because of difficu

APPanalyz Launches New SaaS Platform Creating A New Paradigm In Real-Time Packet Analysis (Press Release)

The IT World has needed this type of application for quite some time. Allows users to focus more on Application delivery and End User experience. BENGALURU, INDIA, January 1, 2015, The IT Industry welcomed the news of APPanalyz, a SaaS Platform specifically for the purpose of Measuring, Monitoring and Analyzing Application Delivery. There were applications available, but they lack real time packet analysis, and it took a great amount of tech sa

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