When end-users experience poor application response times it is difficult to identify if the network, server, application or its external dependencies are causing the problem. APPanalyz Application Performance Monitoring technology can rapidly pinpoint the true cause of the problem.

We monitor each application transaction and help Administrators to baseline historical response times and to set thresholds to get alerts and emails when the threshold value crosses the limit.

APPanalyz Application Performance Analyzers running on OS measures and records actual application response time, network delay and health of each transaction made to the applications running on the server. 

Analyzers can also run on the external host and record application response time, network delay and health of each transaction based on the mirrored traffic sent to it. Network administrator must configure dedicated SPAN, mirror, or trap port or in line tap monitor on the physical or virtual switch and the interface receiving the mirrored traffic should be configured in promiscuous mode before the analyzers are deployed on external host.

Our analyzers consumes least amount of the resource allocated to the OS .They do not capture and store the packets and do not look into the application related information. They only measure application performance based on header information of the packet. Our platform is secure and reliable.

On-Demand Application Management Solution

We understand that today’s business environment is complex and demands a smarter approach to application management. APPanalyz provides you with end-to-end, insight-driven application delivery management to speed application development and help you stay competitive.

Analyze Application Traffic

As an application traffic analyzer, we identify issues before they become emergencies, helping you fix them in time so that there are no business losses. With APPanalyz, you become aware of any issues that might create future problems with network access and take timely steps to prevent any outages. 

Application Dependency Discovery and Performance Monitoring

Our innovative application analyzer automatically discovers the IT components and configurations that support a service and their relationships across different domains. The software

  • interprets raw, discovered actionable data center information and uses pre-populated patterns to identify infrastructure software products and take better business decisions
  • helps minimize change risks by enabling the Change Advisory Board to evaluate change impact using trusted dependency data
  • helps get reliable configuration and relationship data and reduces reliance on tribal knowledge
  • enables easy optimization of data center hardware/software
  • helps prevent audit penalties
  • ensures compliant and secure data center operations
  • helps ensure there are no outages while data center assets are moved for consolidation, virtualization projects


Automatically builds visualizations that show dependencies of various Application services, while updating the services map as changes occur in dynamic virtualized and cloud environments. For example, an email service may depend on an email application and the application may also access databases on other servers and data stored on SANs, using network connections. Application MAP discovers all these relationships – focusing on those which actually affect the service, while eliminating those that are irrelevant and confusing. The result is clear, complete and concise service maps that are always up-to-date. These, in turn, enhance business service quality by enabling accurate and efficient change management, service health monitoring, impact analysis, and business continuity planning. 

Application Response Time

Application service time is the time taken by an application server to respond to end-user requests which is the key aspect of  analyzing application delivery. The application delivery monitoring platform identifies whether customers are satisfied, tolerating, or frustrated with the response time of your apps. Ideally the user experience is an aggregate of discrete experiences.

Network Delay

Network Delay or network latency is a measure of the amount of time required for a packet to travel across a network path from end-user to application server. When network latency increases, application performance is often impacted.

Application Transaction Monitoring

We understand that poor system performance can cause significant losses for a business that relies heavily on web transactions for sales and can’t afford poor site performance or outages. A website that takes long to load or that performs poorly can turn visitors away. Our leading-edge application performance monitoring ensures that you don’t lose a business opportunity due to poor application performance, helping you

  • monitor the application response interval and transaction completion time
  • track total sent/received data and end user IP address of each transaction

For applications, transaction monitoring helps to ensure that your visitors can successfully sign up, log in, search, check out, and interact with your website. APPanalyz helps to monitor availability, URL monitoring, HTTP status and transaction failures, alerting you when features don’t work as expected.



Application Usage MAP

Application usage map helps to identify end user usage of the application based on zone, country and city. You can use this information for business analytics and planning an impactful business strategy.


In-Depth Analyzing of End User Flows

Our application analyzer enables deep packet inspection of end-user's TCP session that helps to analyze TCP packet statistics, such as MSS,TOS, session active time, total data sent/received and window sizing pattern of each end user TCP session.


Threshold Monitoring and Alerting

Administrators can set thresholds for response times and get alerts and emails when the threshold value crosses the limit. The Monitoring and altering software can help generate alerts when an application does not respond to the end user requests within a configured threshold value. This helps in quicker identification of the problem in the network and hence quicker action. Our scalable server monitoring software monitors key performance indicators of critical applications for availability and response times and sends email to notify anomalies. Another added advantage of APPanalyz is that it helps you maintain alert history and supports configuring email templates for different alert severities.

With APPanalyz, give your business an edge over the competition by keeping your applications and systems running smoothly which helps to increase business and customer satisfaction.



Track Server Performance

Our server monitoring software is designed to check the health of your server and ensure that it is working to its optimal level and aptly responds to requests in all kinds of environments, including physical, cloud, and hybrid. The feature-rich software makes it easier to check basic server uptime, track server health, and analyze detailed usage statistics on different types of servers, such as FTP servers, databases, web and application servers, and mail servers. With our cutting-edge software, you can get alerts for server health and capacity issues, such as disk, memory, CPU usage, and disk I/O utilization, equipping you with all the information to take corrective action.